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Many of you will have heard of Travis Sago, and his bum marketing methods. For anyone who doesn’t know, Travis Sago is said to have invented bum marketing – literally, marketing so simple he could take a bum off the street, and teach him to make money using this method.

Travis has provided many instructional videos and if you join his email list, he gives lots and lots of information on the bum marketing methods.

Travis is also a very active member of Wealthy Affiliate, which I am sure I have mentioned before.

Until recently there has never been an indepth ebook or ecourse to buy about bum marketing. But I have found one, and it is a doozy!

Named Conversations With Travis it is for the total newbie, and it teaches affiliate marketing right from the beginning. There are no assumptions that the newbie knows this, or that; this is ultimate basic affiliate marketing.

If you are an affiliate marketing newbie, and you want to learn step by step all the basics and get your first campagain up in very little time (less than a week) then this is the course for you.

Everything to do with basic affiliate marketing is covered. Not just covered, it is covered in detail with videos taking the reader through every little step.

Imagine having an expert explain something to you, and being able to pause him part way through so you can actually copy what he is teaching you – or even able to rewind him if you don’t understand something! That is how it works.

The man who wrote this is named David Bocock and he wanted to make money on the internet to fund his legal bills – he adopted a daughter when she was five weeks old, but the adoption had errors in the paperwork, and didn’t go through properly. He has been fighting ever since to keep his little girl, also he has two other children.

So he knows what it is like to be skint, short of money, and desperate. Sound familiar? So many of us are suffering in the down economy, but with this is the hope that we can get our families out of it!

Imagine being able to pay the bills, to have your partner smile again. Imagine proving them right! Yes you were right to bury your head in the internet, desperately trying to find something, anything to get an income!

Imagine your kids being able to say proudly: “My Dad works at home on the internet” – knowing that because you do, you can pay the bills and be there for your children.

Imagine your life in six months time, with your debts paid back, with your arm round your wife watching your children play in the yard. You know that not only do they have a home where the bills are paid on time, but also that they have a safe financial future. Priceless!

If that appeals to you, if you want that kind of security, then you must click on the link and have a look at conversations with travis.

I am sure that you have seen many internet marketing or affiliate marketing products advertised, and that everyone wants you to buy their product to make a quick buck.

Let me tell you, as someone who has been around the internet marketing block a few times, I have never seen a programme as thorough as this one. I have never seen one that assumes that the newbie knows nothing at all about basic affiliate marketing.

If you have read all of this post you must realize that you need to click the link : Basic Affiliate Marketing

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