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November 3rd, 2009  Posted at   Uncategorized

If you want to make money typing at home then you do need a definite plan. Then you need to stick to it!

If  you read my previous post about having a second project on the go while I do the first project – project two, which incidentally was about flipping websites, has definitely died a death.

An interesting point came up on the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint forum. At what point does one give up on a campaign?

I have to say I think it is a personal thing. I personally draw the line at 500. So, if I have 500 clicks of a product that I really believe in, but no sales, then that is it – I do no more to promote that project.

This brings us to one of the quandries of internet marketing. During my five hundred clicks I will have done some testing – changing my style of article or maybe changing my landing page, trying different things out. I usually let the change test for 100 clicks. I am not saying I am correct here, and this is what everyone should do, but this is how I do it.

Actually, I have never read anywhere anyone saying well, give it this many clicks and then call it a day. I think that is because then the allow for – dare I say it – failure of a product or campaign. But we all know that failure is the way forward.You have to fail many times before you find what works.

Two other interesting things I have heard this week include: A story which was quoted to me as being from the Warrior Forum (wonderful place to pick up great tips, for beginner or even advanced marketers).

A man knew nothing about internet marketing but wanted to make some money online. He just wrote five articles every day when he came home from work. Every day, five articles, this went on for a month. At the end of the month he had made $3,000!

Now, some of that has to be luck, but it was the person who made consistant effort is the one that got lucky! It just shows us consistancy (one of my main problems) is the way forward.

Secondly was a story of a man with a family to support, no money, no job, no home of his own. He started doing internet marketing with no previous knowledge, just using what was given away for free! He worked at it for 15 months, by which time he had managed to become financially stable with a nice house etc.

I wonder how quickly it would have happened for him if he had bought Four Day Money Making Blueprint? As you may know, I made money 15 days after buying 4 Day Money Making Blueprint - something which shocked me, to say the least.

I am hoping to quit my day job this side of Christmas, although I am aware it may take me to the end of January. Here’s hoping, huh!

If you want to imitate the $3,000 man, (nice, just before Christmas!) or the 15 month man, then you might consider the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint as a way to make money typing at home.

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