After a Year, What Now?

October 13th, 2010  Posted at   Copywriting

It has been nearly a year since I have blogged on here. I notice that seventy of my seventy one posts have disappeared. Technologically challenged as I am, I have yet to figure out how to get them back, but I will continue to work on it now and again.

What happened with Adsense? Well, I made some money with Adsense, I have made more this year with Adsense than I have with anything else. But I can’t say I enjoy the “housework”, the backlinking constantly and always trying to get the sites to get to the top with new keywords etc.

The other thing that has happened while I have been away is that my original sites are doing rather well. They have moved up to the first page of Google and I have started to get checks (cheques) from Clickbank. It is great, I was really pleased. But, having had a look at the statistics, I have realised something. I did think of this two years ago, when I started in IM but kind of persuaded myself that it would be ok. I am talking about my copywriting skills.

To me, there is little point in having websites at the top (or near the top) of Google which are doing not as well as they could be,  because I simply haven’t learned to write well.

So, I decided that it was time to invest in myself and go to the best. I didn’t want to go to the US, it did not really fit around family commitments, and it wasn’t in the budget.  So I got John Carltons Simple Writing System home study course.

It is actually very intensive, the workshop was over just two days I believe, but John does cover a huge amounts. There are worksheets, so that I can do the same exercises as the attendees did. It’s a real learning experience, for sure. Less embarrassing when I make mistakes than the poor attendees, they got their mistakes videoed for everyone to see!

I am really enjoying Simple Writing System and I am learning a great deal. I have already tweaked some of my sites, it is too soon to say whether they are converting better or not. I will let you know!

The downside of Simple Writing System, the home study course, is that I don’t get my exercises critiqued, so I don’t get direct feedback from John himself. I watch him talk to the attendees about their results, which is helpful. But there is not the personal input.  This is actually quite a big downside, because there is no substitute for a personal mentor.

Fortunately, because of hanging out on the Warrior Forum, I have  come across a highly recommended copywriter by the name of Paul Hancox. He mentors students, and he is a great guy.  I have chatted to his students and he seems to be universally adored!  I contacted him and I will be joining his programme in the new year, if not before. I cannot wait!

So, by then I will be able to write good copy, not just for myself, but for other people also.  I do worry that I am flitting too much, but I know that ultimately, learning the skills to sell will benefit me in many different aspects of my life, including earning a living on here, the good old internet!

To our prosperity,


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