New Year, Big Actions

January 15th, 2012  Posted at   Effective Tools

Have you ever bought something (to do with internet marketing I mean)  and thought oh, yeah, I know about this? Or have you bought something that was way more advanced than you thought it would be?

I  have done both and I think  it is really very annoying. Ok of course we can request a refund, and there are many marketers who do refund immediately. But there are equally many people who don’t want to ask for a refund all the time. I can understand simply because for a small amount of money, relatively, it seems silly to complain.

I have decided that from now on I am going to write about the things that I buy and give them a review. Not sure if anyone but bots will read it but I am going to hope that someone out there will be helped by what I say. If it helps one person well then, it’s worth me putting my tuppence worth out there.

I have tried lots of ways to make money in internet marketing, which you can see by all the posts on this blog. There have been years where I have ignored the blog and gone and done things that are pretty much unsuccessful. Some I didn’t stick with even though I was doing ok – that is making micro sites with adsense – I just got bored and wanted to try something new. Some I got my head round but just didn’t take action on – CPA being one of them. Some I tried and things started off ok, but problems led to me not taking any more action.

I am not sure if it was my lack of effort or simply my brain could not get a handle on being successful – I really think that the state of ones mind is a big part of having success in anything. But now I feel I have got my head in the right place, and this month I have been taking big actions.

Now, don’t get giddy – I am not sure if they are going to pay off. But I remain convinced that massive action is what it takes to have a decent amount of success in IM. I will let you know more especially if all turns out well.

In the meantime, I am going to do my best to write a bit more often here. Especially about the things that I buy, particularly if they are good.

Right now I am trying out Digi Traffic Accelerator. I used it once on a trial and it was good but then other things got in the way. But I figure that if it drives traffic – which it does – and gets backlinks, then it is something that everyone needs. Leave it with me for a few days and let’s see what happens.

I really like the things that the face of DigiResults, Andy Fletcher puts out. I have the plugins Digi Auto Links and Digi Article Blaster, both of which are really effective. With Digi Article Blaster it does take a while for Google to pick up on the links but software like Linkclaw will help with that.

Any questions? Leave me a comment!


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