Privacy – Is It Something You Are Concerned About?

February 29th, 2012  Posted at   Internet Marketing Tidbits

Do you have a favourite marketer? I sure do. And my favourites change over time, often I am with one marketer for a while, and then my favourite changes. Of course, there are some long term favourites too, such as Tiffany  Dow who is great. She is so honest and upfront about what she reviews, what she puts together. If you have never been to her blog, go take a look:

But one of my favourite marketers of the moment is Veit Schenk. He is of the same style, up front and honest. He really gets what people want online, and he is honest about the products he reviews.  That makes him trustworthy, to my point of view.

So, when he put up a new blog post I went over and had a look at it and boy am I glad I did. He had this link in his blog post:

I made that bold because this is important. Tomorrow, March 1st, is when Google can take all your browsing history and hang on to it. At the moment there is a lifetime cache until 2038. That means until I am 71! So anything that you have taken a look at since 2007 up until tomorrow is going to be Googles, to do what they want with.

Now, you might have nothing in your search history that you are not proud of. But think about this – how society changes, how it’s views change. What was once socially acceptable, no longer is. Think about how political correctness has changed things in the last few years. Better yet, instead of going forward twenty-six years and wondering how things will change; try going back twenty-six years and think how much society has changed.

Then think about how much more it could change in the next 26 years. See what I mean? What we do without thinking now, could be totally unacceptable in twenty years time. But Google will have a history that you did that, that you looked at that page, that you spent 3.33 minutes there……..whatever it was.

So, if you go to that page, the one I made bold, watch the video and follow the instructions and clear out your search history if you think that there is anything that might come back and haunt you. To be honest, I think you should do it whether you think something will come back and haunt you or not!


More later, my friends!



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