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March 8th, 2012  Posted at   Internet Marketing Tidbits

Do you know what an AR Mod is? Nope, me either. Well I know it can help me build a really good website in a short space of time. That I do like.

My new site is at

I made the header -  I like it. I chopped the sidebar down so it was all about the pages and what people like to look at.

The bottom line though is, will it make money? Well it is as yet untested. This is where my dilema starts. I really do like this website but I originally made it to sell. It is a case of, the more I do with it, the more I like it, the less I want to sell it.

I have had a go at selling websites before, but I always felt that it took too long for me to actually let them go in my head. Yes, I would go and check up on them, see what they buyer did with them. Often, I didn’t like what they did.

So, that put me off selling them really. Plus I wasn’t getting the kind of cash for them that I wanted.

But this website didn’t take me long to put up, with the help of this plugin the content was easy to produce. The header was probably the fiddliest.

It is nearly eleven at night now and I think I am going to sleep on it. See how I feel in the morning.  With a clear head I will be better able to decide I think.

More tomorrow!




I just wanted to add this, this morning. I am definitely going to sell this website, I need the cash for other projects and I think it will sell well. It has loads going for it, I don’t know if I have ever optimized a site so well, the load time is 0.99 seconds, its on an aged domain, the writing that I have done is original…..let’s see if it sells. If it doesn’t though, I am going to keep it for sure. People are only going to get one shot at buying this one!

I will update when it is up on flippa!


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