February 9th, 2013  Posted at   Internet Marketing Tidbits
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Regular readers will know about my struggle with technology. I am a 45 year old Mom of three, and I am not technically minded at all. I don’t mind having a go at things, but I really don’t understand exactly how things work in the world of html and website building.

I quite often rely on YouTube for videos explaining how to do things, so when I bought the download software (DLguard) for my PLR store, I thought that there would be a video on YouTube for me to work out how to set it all up.

WRONG! I have been struggling with it for ages, trying to set it all up correctly. It is supposed to have the software on the front, and wordpress on the back. It ended up with me giving up and getting a 500 error. Just a load of old files hanging on a domain with nothing to show for it.

The guy who wrote the software, Sam, has been an absolute star helping me. We have been messaging back and forth and now the website is looking much better than it did. It is amazing how much a little guidance can do.

I also needed a little help from hostgator who were brilliant as always. I am amazed at how courteous they are, even when (in this case) the mistake was mine!

So, there are just a few little things that I have to change, not too much at all, and then I will be able to announce the site. Just to let you know that I haven’t forgotten and I am still working on it.

Another thing I am still working are my Squidoo lenses. I have joined Jenn Dize 100 lens challenge. I am not aiming for 100 by the 1st March, but I am aiming for 60. I am on number 8 or 9, so I need to keep the pace up to finish my 60 for March 1st.

Jenn is really great at putting people at ease, and it is good to chat about what we are doing and being able to help people who need it. If you want to join the challenge then you can join on Jenns blog which is I look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,


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