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December 26th, 2013  Posted at   Private Label Rights

PLR articlesIf you have lots of blogs, you will be aware how difficult it can be to get decent content on them regularly. It can be like spinning plates, rushing from one to the other to make sure that they are getting the content they need. You can hire writers to write regularly for your blogs, but this can be expensive. You can spend the time writing the content yourself but this might be time consuming. You could hate doing it too – and is that what you want to be spending your time doing? No?

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There is a solution to this problem, and it is PLR. Private label rights, or PLR for short, is a type of content that you can put your own name on and claim is yours. PLR content can be anything. It can be articles, audio or video. You can even get PLR software. PLR products give you certain freedoms. You can change it in any way you like,  and claim it as your own.

If you have written PLR, such as products, ebooks, or articles then you can change headings, paragraphs, the title – anything you like. You can add images, change the font, re-write it or even have it re-written. Whatever you do to PLR you can call it your own, and you can sell it (if you have re-written it) or add it to your blogs. PLR articles

How Much Should I Pay For PLR?

PLR is generally cheaper than having your articles written for you. It is roughly 1/5th of the price. For instance, you can get an article written for about $5. This will be a basic article written by an English speaking writer. However,  you can buy a pack of five articles for the same amount. So although it is better to change some things about the PLR  you have, it is much less work than writing an article and cheaper than having one written for you.

What About Duplicate Content?

Lots of people worry about duplicate content. Much has been said about it, and while some well-meaning people give good  advice, I prefer to actually go to the source for my information. The way I find out what Google wants is to ask Google. Google’s spokesperson is a man called Matt Cutts. This is what he said about duplicate content:

“I wouldn’t stress about this unless the content that you have duplicated is spammy or keyword stuffing.”

So, if you have a bit of duplicate content on your blog, this is not going to be a problem. Matt Cutts also said  that a large fraction of the web is duplicate content, and that is not a problem.

Just a word of warning though. If you take a PLR article and spread it to lots of different article directories, then don’t expect Google to take a great deal of notice of it. You won’t get lots of back links. Some people differ on this thought, siting news websites that have very similar news articles all over the net. I would just like to point out that yesterdays newspaper is todays fish and chip wrapper. News articles are spread far and wide but after a short period
of time, no-one wants to read them. They are effectively rubbish.

PLR articles for your blogs:

Have you ever sat looking at a blank screen, with not a thought in your head? Then you have experienced writers block. One way to get out of that mindset is to use PLR. Just by reading through some PLR on the subject you will find that ideas come to your head, ideas that you can write about. You might find yourself thinking – I can write better – so you do. You might just get an aha! moment that gets your brain running on the right track. Either way, PLR can be useful for getting you content on your blog.

Maybe you are wondering about the best way to change a PLR article, so you can put it on your blog, knowing that it is at least semi-original. This is one of the best ways I have found to make a PLR article look instantly better and more authoritative.

PLR articles

First of all, change the title. Think of a better, perhaps more relevant title for your article. Next go through the article adding subheadings every couple of paragraphs. Then look for some images that you can use to add to the article, this instantly makes your article more appealing to readers. If you title your images with the keyword you are aiming to rank for, this also makes your article more relevant to Google. Adding three or four images will split up the text and make it more readable for your readers.

If you feel the article isn’t long enough then add a couple of paragraphs or simply comment on the article at the end of

Are you involved in guest blogging? Guest blogging can be a great way to get new readers or back links for your blog. You can use PLR articles for guest blogging, and this can add content to someone elses blog. They will return the favor and give you an article for your blog. It’s all content for your blog!

You don’t need to buy PLR articles if you don’t want to. You can always buy a PLR ebook and split that up into articles. This will clearly take a bit more work, and you would probably have to add introduction paragraphs and conclusions. But it is another way to use PLR to get content on to your blog.

What About Poor Quality PLR?

One of the things people complain about is the poor quality of lots of PLR. Some of it is badly spun rubbish. If you are going to pay for PLR you want to get the best quality you can. One way to do this is to ask around for recommendations.  Another way is to look for samples on the website. You can even email the webmaster and ask for some free PLR. Often  they will send you a pack for free, so that you can see the quality of PLR before you buy it. Generally the cheaper the  PLR, the lower the quality will be.

Here we have looked at some of the ways you can benefit from PLR, particularly in finding content for your blogs. You can  PLR for anything actually, and we will look at different ways to use PLR in further articles. If I have inspired you to  get some PLR for your blogs, then take a look at my website, Get some quality PLR and get feeding content to your blogs. Google will thank you for it!

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